Business Design

Everything is Digital now, if you’re not convinced about that then just look at whatyour biggest competitors are doing online.


Thats why it is vital to keep up to date with the latest developments available to your business & optimise the best ways to reach your ideal customers.


Thats where Digital analysis & strategy comes in, finding where you customers/ clients hang out online and then getting in front of them in a helpful, non-invasive way that draws them in and makes then want to interact with your company & employ your services.


If you don’t know what your doing then Social Media can feel like a time-vacuum and a slog, without getting much in return. When done t=right, however, you can essentially put your social posting on auto-pilot while you just do the fun bit, interacting with our clients & tracking your results in cold, and stats. The days of paying for TV ads and then guessing at the return are gone, now we are in the age of ‘every dollar matters’.


By gaining a clear understanding of you & your business our strategy process results in a consistent look and easily implementable workflow that allows you to see visible results that can be constantly built on and optimise to allow your business to grow.


At the core of all this is a solid Content Strategy, to get there we use a brand range of factors to give the most amount of data driven insights to achieve the best results….


Competitive Analysis / Audience Research / Social Listening / Website Analytics / Sales Figures / Customer-Specific Data / Tech Landscape / Stakeholder Insights / Global Issues / Search Engine Research


This allows us to identify the right platforms for you so that you don’t waste your time on the less trafficked ones and then tell you watch indictors to look out for so you know that your time and business is being as efficient as possible.


Business Quick Launch

Do you have an idea for an online business?

Then I can help you design it, build it, learn to use it and how to make money from it.

Really, really quickly…

What will you get out of it

(aside from a flying start to that idea you keep been putting off…)

  • A fully functional business based around your idea, entirely in your name
  • A complete understanding of how the business & systems were built and how to run them
  • A LAUNCHED, fully functional website. That you own & can update yourself
  • Social media accounts set up, with a plan of what to post on them
  • Training library & document storage setup for easy reference & to stay organised as your business grows
  • A clear path towards whatever your end goal is (money, freedom, to help people etc)

This is an intensive package that will

  • Plan out your idea & develop it into a feasible business
  • Finalise a business name (if required)
  • Identify what is needed to run that business (Systems, Software etc)
  • Identify brand colours & nail down a style
  • BUILD YOUR WEBSITE, right in front our your eyes, training you the entire time
  • BUILD YOUR EMAILS, SOCIALS & COMMUNICATIONS, again, showing & training you the entire time

What you will need

  • A computer capable of surfing the internet
  • A decent internet connection
  • The willingness to learn

Location can either be arranged prior to commitment or I am happy to do home visits for Melbourne Metro.


A little about me

I am a Business Designer, I take people’s ideas, build out the systems & training behind them and then hand back money making machines…

My company is edging towards 10 years of building & managing the online websites, socials & systems for a range of companies from Universal Music (Europe) to Kiss Fm in Australia. However my personal passion lies in the internet’s cutting edge tehnologies & methods….things that only small companies are agile enough to take on board and to run with.


Thats why I want to help you & your idea.

This week’s intensive program, including sole ownership of all of the above is $1500

+ $20* for web/domain name, not paid to me

+ $50* for website storage, again not paid to me

* these are approx because we will shop around for deals, these figures can be finalised before you commit so you know exactly how much you’ll spend going in.

If you have any questions, or just want to have a chat about your idea with no commitment, then just drop me a message!

I look forward to hearing from you!!


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