Hosting & Maintenance


Host your site with us and keep all of your essential web costs in one easy bundle.

includes Maintenance & Security

Along with managing your hosting environment, we maintain your website to secure it against hacking & possible downtime.

The absolute best form of defense is keeping your site up to date & monitoring for strange activity.

This can be incredibly time consuming so let us handle the pain for you.

In the unlikely event that anything does happen, you can be safe in the knowledge we also provide a backup safety net.


You add content once a day
£45Per Month (paid annually)
Backups: DB daily, Files weekly
Updates: Twice Weekly
Malware scan: Weekly
Manual Check: Weekly
Uptime monitoring: Yes
Development time
Training Videos
You add content several times a day
£55Per Month (paid annually)
Backups: Full daily
Updates: within 36hrs
Malware scan: Twice Weekly
Manual Check:  Twice Weekly
Development time: 30mins
Uptime monitoring: Yes
Training Videos: Yes
You add content, at most, once a week
£35Per Month (paid annually)
Backups: DB weekly, Files monthly
Updates: Weekly
Uptime monitoring: Yes
Malware scan
Manual Check
Development time
Training Videos